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BizBriefcase is a catalyst for high performing teams, effective leadership, advanced communications, great company culture, persuasive selling, recruitment and on-boarding.

Maximising the Performance of Individuals and Teams

DISC Profiling and Interpretation

Understand your personality and behaviour with DISC. Identify your strengths and development areas and enhance your organisational performance through self-awareness. Learn what motivates you and which behaviours could be holding you back as an individual or leader. Put yourself or your Team through a DISC Assessment an recieve an interpretation from an experienced Extended DISC Master Trainer.

DISC Accreditation Training

Take part in an internationally-recognised accreditation course, and become a fully qualified DISC practitioner or consultant. Develop a high level of understanding of other’s behaviour and why they interact like they do. Understand others in your team or clients you cant quite figure out how to approach. Learn how DISC assessments can be applied to all area’s of business to cultivate a high performing and engaged workplace.

Consulting and Workshops

We love being part of obtaining company results and developing people is our passion. Enhance your individual, team and organisational performance through our workshops and coaching sessions. We conduct team-building, communication, leadership, management and sales development workshops. We are also avaliable for recruitment, on-boarding, executive coaching and personal development.

What People Are Saying

“Becky came into our workplace as a Sales Coach. The advice and ideas she came up with were invaluable and I still use them to this day. She made cold calling fun and successful, I cannot recommend her enough.

Dylan Wilson

Sales Manager

Through Becky’s guidance and training, individuals within the team were able to grow their skillsets far beyond everyone’s expectations. Skills that have proven beneficial as they have progressed their careers and undertaken new challenges.

Melanie Heap

National Operations Manager

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360 Feedback Development Plan: Results to Action

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