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No matter the size of your business, our consultants are highly skilled and experienced in developing unique consulting and training strategies to improve business efficiency and overcome people issues. 



Building Successful Businesses Since 2003

We specialise in developing tailored business consulting and training services across sales, communication and teams. We bring a transformative approach to business, focusing on your most important asset, people! We drill down into the real behavioural issues that affect performance using the world’s most intelligent workplace assessments. Using these insights, we create scalable solutions to boost performance across entire organisations.

Successful organisations understand the importance of high functioning teams. Cohesive and collaborative teams provide organisations with a competitive edge and help outperform the competition. We designed our team building workshops to improve team cohesion, boost productivity, and enhance communication. These workshops also facilitate a shared understanding of how and why we operate the way we do.

We’ve paired our skills and experience in sales with the latest in innovative sales assessment technology, to create powerful sales training workshops. Our sales workshops equip sales teams with the skills to sell more effectively. Our cutting edge sales technology allows us to quickly delve straight into strengths and developments of individuals to turn them into successful salespeople.

Communication is critical to any business. Communicating effectively can significantly improve the success of the company and the bottom line. Our communication workshops equip employees and teams with an understanding of the different styles and methods of communication that each person prefers. Once members are aware of the variety of communication styles, they can begin to adjust their style to communicate effectively.

We understand that no two businesses are the same. Each company faces a different set of unique challenges and issues. We offer fully customised solutions to suit your specific situation. Our team of highly experienced and skilled consultants will help articulate the workplace issues you are facing. We then develop a specialised set of comprehensive solutions to enhance business performance.

Making an Impact on New Zealand Business

Whether you’re a start up, making some changes to an established business, or need a consultant to drive change enhance the skills of your workforce, a business consult can lead you and your team in the right direction.

What Does a Business Consultant Do?


Businesses engage consultants during the start-up of a new company, to scale company growth in a manageable way, and to re-align a flailing organisation. Business consultants usually possess a distinct set of skills and expertise in particular areas of business. Whether, in marketing professions, recruitment or leadership development, reputable business consultants do more than give advice. Consultants take a holistic view of a team and company to uncover strengths and development areas. Consultants then work closely with the organisation to develop strategies and initiate change across the company. Working closely with key personnel, consultants initiate training sessions and one-on-one coaching to grow the skill set of employees and increase business performance.

Consultants usually follow a three-phase process to identify, diagnose and solve an issue an organisation is facing. The first step involves the consultant learning about the client’s business, including becoming familiar with their mission, goals, and processes. During this phase, the consultant will meet with the directors and key personnel to discuss financials and related statistics. 

Once a consultant is familiar with and has a thorough understanding of the company, they will make a diagnosis, define the problem, and provide recommendations based on the diagnosis. The consultant will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation and create a strategy to improve the skills and processes of the organisation. Based on their observations, the consultant may outline expected growth if the organisation implements the consultant’s recommendations.

The final stage is the implementation stage. The consultant will facilitate client learning and equip employees with skills and strategies to overcome their challenges. This stage may include a series of team building workshops to equip the wider team to overcome common issues. The consultant may also work one on one with key personnel to enhance their skill set and equip them with industry insights. The outcome of this final stage is to influence permanent organisational change and increase business success.

Why Hire a Business Consultant?


Businesses of all sizes and in all industries can benefit from engaging a business consultant. Many companies fall into the trap of not being able to view the forest from the trees. Companies can get stuck on an issue and may be unable to find or agree on a favourable solution. Bringing in a business consultant is a large investment. However, they can bring fresh insights and offer new solutions to old problems. Understanding when it’s a good time to hire a consultant is essential. Some of the following situations indicate when you may need the help of a consultant.


  • Outsider Perspective
    Business consultants provide a holistic and honest opinion of your company. Their outside perspective and experience allow them to quickly identify strengths, training gaps, and uncover new ways of working. Consultants bring new innovative ideas and offer an approach based on what they have seen work, or not, in other organisations and industries.
  • Expert Skill Set
    Organisations most commonly engage consultants for their specialised skill set that might not exist in-house. Organisations may not have the skill set required internally to accomplish specific projects or goals. Hiring a consultant is a beneficial alternative to fill a short-term knowledge gap. It will provide you with access to a unique set of skills. A consultant will fill the skill gap and efficiently train employees or develop processes to enhance performance.
  • Business Processes and Audits
    Developing and maintaining business processes is vital to sustaining organisational success. Businesses often lack time to examine their processes critically. Hiring a consultant will provide you with the outside perspective to optimise your processes and help your company run efficiently and effectively.

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