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Invest in your greatest asset, your people.



Consulting and Training Services

Your employees are your greatest asset. Their unique skill sets and attributes contribute to the productivity, success, and culture of your organisation. We support businesses to grow by working with their people to maximise strengths and reduce factors leading to employee turnover.

Business Support

Whether you’re starting out in your career, making some changes to an established business, or need a mentor through each stage of business, having a coach lead you and your team in the right direction can be invaluable.

No matter how much self-motivation you have, outside guidance from a business coach may be all that you need to get moving and get you out of your comfort zone.

Our innovative approach to coaching sessions are designed to help you reach your goals, boost active engagement, create a new path forward and push you to succeed when you need a little encouragement.

Whatever your issue we can create a solution for you.


Our business training transforms your teams into high performing groups. We focus on building skills that have the most considerable impact on performance. Our workshops are impactful and create positive change within organisations. We acknowledge the importance of your goals and culture and customise our workshops as required. We develop bespoke, practical, and skill-building workshops and deliver them in engaging formats suited to your team and business objectives.
Some of our training workshops and accredited courses include:

  • Sales Skills
  • Leadership & Management
  • Managing Remote Teams
  • Communication
  • Teamwork & Teambuilding
  • Managing Emotions / Assertion training
  • DISC Workshops
  • Level One and Level Two DISC Accreditation
  • Sales Competency Assessment Accreditation


We draw on our experience working with New Zealand businesses of all sizes and industries to support your organisation. Our experienced consultants are ideally positioned to facilitate growth and exceed performance expectations via a wide range of professional consulting services. We work with businesses across New Zealand and provide them with sales, leadership, and business growth consulting services. 

We use world-renowned assessment solutions to deliver comprehensive insights about your company leaders, employees, and the entire organisation. Our consultants are among only six consultants with Master Trainer status in the Extended DISC and FinxS workplace assessment tools. Our high level of training in these tools means we are uniquely positioned to bring you in-depth insights using our comprehensive knowledge of these tools. These insights complement our growth strategies and can be customised to meet the needs of your business.

Training vs Consulting

People typically view training and consulting as virtually the same function. As both trainers and consultants, we know they have fundamental differences. While training and consulting are essential services to help businesses thrive, it’s vital to know the difference and which service will benefit your goals or whether you need a combination of the two. We believe that a holistic approach to business that involves a combination of training and consulting provides the most benefit to businesses.

  • Consultants are similar to business advisors. They observe and analyse the current business situation and develop a strategy to grow and develop the business. Consultants often help with the implementation of the strategy and impart their industry experience and knowledge.
  • On the other hand, trainers share information or teach skills to help employees, teams, and organisations reach top performance. Training sessions may focus on working effectively as a team, increasing sales performance, or leading employees effectively. The most effective trainers help businesses apply the skills and knowledge to specific situations. Typically trainers do not perform a pre-assessment of the company. Instead, they focus on a particular goal or outcome.

Tools for Training and Consulting


We use the world’s most intelligent assessment technology, the FinxS Online Platform. The FinxS Platform provides us with comprehensive resources to transform and grow any business. The most popular tools include DISC assessments and 360 feedback.





    DISC Assessments

    We use DISC assessments to support individual and organisational development. The online questionnaire takes no more than 12 minutes to complete and the resulting report is easy to read and interpret. DISC assessments and DISC methodology help you to understand yourself and others so you can tailor your approach to each unique situation.

    360 Feedback Assessments

    360 reviews are an invaluable tool to understand precisely where employees need further training and support to improve their performance. In-depth reporting allows you to analyse results to identify key themes and emerging issues that may require additional training, consulting, and development.

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