Extended DISC® Accredited Training

Practitioner and Consultant

Extended DISC is a world leader in Behavioural Profiling and Psychometric Assessments. Over one million assessments have been completed in over 50 countries. The Extended DISC Online System is used to build individual, team and organisational performance. 

Level 1: Accredited Practitioner Course

Introduce yourself to the world of DISC, be accredited in a day!

A very practical Level 1 DISC training course that will see you understanding the methodology and behavioural styles of yourself and others.

Learn where you fit and why you interact like you do. Understand others in your team or clients you cant quite figure out how to approach. Identify potential conflict areas and strengths of the styles along with fears and causes of stress.

Outcomes:Interpret and debrief a DISC Assessment with confidence

  • Recieve a free Extended DISC Development Report as part of the course, and delve into it during the day.

Suitable for:

  • Absolute beginners to advanced consultants needing a refresher.

Facilitated by:

  • A Certified Master Trainer involved in developing DISC training courses and assessments Australasian wide.

Level 2: Accredited Consultant Course

Do more with DISC

Learn how to apply your knowledge of Extended DISC methodology and Behavioural Profiling to five key areas of business.  Learn how DISC tests are used in recruitment, on-boarding, 360 degree reviews, career growth opportunities, promotions, team building, career reviews, coaching, mentoring, and skills development.

As a coach, manager or consultant, you will add Extended DISC expertise to your skills and your business through this course. You’ll see how advanced and flexible the FinxS Online Platform is and why its unrivalled as a diagnostic tool.

We’ll show you how it’s able to provide you with the ability to drill down into the real issues that enhance or restrict performance.

Extended DISC with the FinxS Online Platform is the most advanced consulting tool available!


  • Apply DISC to all areas of business
  • Learn how to use DISC as part of your consult offering

Suitable for:

  • Individuals looking to take DISC to the next and who have previously completed the Level 1 Course

Facilitated by:

  • A Certified Master Trainer involved in developing DISC training courses and assessments Australasian wide.

Extended DISC powered by FinxS

Gain access to the worlds most advanced online psychometric system

FinxS Online Platform

Attend training and gain access to FinxS, the worlds most advanced online psychometric system.

FinxS is  a new customisable cloud-based platform from which you can quickly and easily create and administer a full suite of employee development tools.

Choose from a range of tools via the integrated plaform. Complete Behavioural Assessments, gain access to the newest Sales Assessment tool, survey your organsiation all from one online platform.

Behavioural Assessments

 The online behavioural assessment system enhances individual, team and organisational performance

Choose from a range of off-the shelf reports, such as Lead & Manage or Recruit & Select.

Alternatively, complete customise your own behavioural report from over 1600 competencies.

 Apply your knowledge of DISC and learn how to better help motivate, communicate, and develop yourself and your people.


Open 360 Feedback

Gain important in-depth qualitative and quantitative feedback, on a departmental basis

The Open 360 tool allows you to custom build your own questionnaire and report.

Build your report with ease. Choose from a number of table formats, from blind spots to ranking. 

User friendly traffic light system to help you identify immediate development areas. 

Engagement Surveys

The Survey tool allows you to customise your own questionnaire and conduct large scale surveys.

Quickly and easily identify at risk employees with low engagement.

Give your employees a platform for open and anonymous feedback and improve company culture. 

Knowing how the company measures in specific areas will help provide tangible goals for change.

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