Extended DISC® 

Profiling and Debriefing


DISC Assessments

DISC Psychometric profiles are used to support individual and organisational development. The online questionnaire takes no more than 12 minutes to complete and the resulting report is easy to read and interpret. DISC Assessments allow companies to understand the strengths and development area’s of their employees, as well as how they communicate and how they are motivated. The incredible insights of the Extended DISC Online System are flexible enough to target any job role and industry from top line managers to front line workers, and health care through sales, engineering, real estate and more. DISC Psychometric Assessments are applicable to any career and organisation.

DISC Debriefing

Are you a DISC Consultant and need extra help interpreting a puzzling DISC report at a deeper level?

We draw on our 8+ years of debriefing and training with DISC profiles to help you identify exceptional insights from your DISC Reports.

Book in with Becky, for mentoring, support and a full report interpretation from one of a small handful of Master Trainers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Extended DISC Profiling Features

Enhanced Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness is important personally, socially and proffesionally. Self-Awareness will draw out your natural preferrences and how they affect your comunication, decision making and overall behaviour.

Even though most of us believe we are self-aware only 10-15% of people truly fit the criteria. Take a DISC Test now to develop your Self-Awareness.



Build Motivation

DISC Assessments can help you identify what you need to motivate yourself and your team.

Whether you are in a job with no boundries and need more direction or need room to make decisions, a DISC will tell you exactly what you need to know to get you back on the right track. Profile your team to get them motivated, increase your productivity and support your bottom line.

Improved Communication

Do you find it hard to get the message across to your friends, family or team mates?

Communication and listening can be challenging to some. We need to draw on all the tools that can help us communicate and influence others more effectively. Enquire about our communication coaching now.

Enhanced Team Effectiveness

Teams who have a mix of diverse behavioural styles, such as introverts and extroverts, thinkers and feelers, will be more effective than teams whose members lack such diversity.

Profile your team to gain an understanding and respect of others work styles and cultivate team cohesion and higher morale.

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