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What is Extended DISC?

Extended DISC is the most intelligent DISC assessment on the market. Created in Finland in the 1990s, Extended DISC Profiles support individual and organisational development.

Extended DISC is a self-assessment that analyses an individual’s natural behavioural preferences in a workplace setting. Extended DISC assessments provide insights into a person’s strengths, development areas, motivators, demotivators, communication preferences and more.

Extended DISC assessments are highly adaptable in their application to different workplace situations. The Extended DISC’s incredible insights are flexible enough to target any job role and industry from top-line managers to front line workers and health care through to sales, engineering, real estate, and more. Extended DISC Assessments apply to any career and organisation.

The insights not only provide a basis for building strong self-awareness. They also help organisations and company leaders to manage their employees effectively and recruiters to make confident hiring decisions.

What sets Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis apart from other DISC assessments tools is that it can measure unconscious behaviour to exclude the impact of the environment. Meaning you can analyse how you naturally behave and the DISC styles you were adapting to at the time of assessment. This comparison shows the respondents’ emotions when completing the questionnaire, their stress levels, uncertainty of their role, insecurity, frustration, and pressure.

History of DISC: Hippocrates

Hippocrates was the first to define quadrants that form the basis of DISC theory as we know it. Hippocrates describes four bodily fluids and how they affect human personality traits and behaviours. Hippocrates named these four traits, Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic.

History of DISC: Carl Jung

Next, we fast forward a few years to 1875 when Carl Jung further explores Hippocrates four temperaments. Jung recognised patterns in the way humans think and process information. He described human behaviour on two axis with a factor at each end of the axis. The first two factors being Sensation to Intuition and the second Thinking to Feeling. Jung’s theory was that people fall to one side of each axis.

History of DISC: William Moulton Marston

William Moulton Marston also viewed people behaving along two axes. He used these axes to explain peoples emotional responses. Moulton’s axes described whether an individual is more passive or active, and the other on the individual’s perception of the environment as being more favourable or antagonistic.

By combining Moultons emotional responses with Jungs behavioural theory, we form the four quadrants we are familiar with today — Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. 

Extended DISC Assessment Questionnaire

The online questionnaire takes no more than 12 minutes to complete, and the resulting report is easy to read and interpret.

The Extended DISC Personal Analysis Questionnaire is extremely difficult to manipulate. Simplistic DISC assessment tools can (and often are) answered by the respondent how they believe the potential employer would like them to respond. Respondents can manipulate their answers because the emphasis is on their conscious adjusted behavioural style. Extended DISC has an internal validity system that flags results that do meet the required consistency and validity checks. Fortunately, this seldom happens, but when they do, the resulting report will likely be invalid as the system is unable to accurately interpret the respondents answering pattern and therefore cannot identify their DISC profile. This internal validity check is essential for employers who need accurate data on who their employees really are. Comparatively, there is no way of knowing if a traditional DISC assessment has been manipulated.

Extended DISC recognises 160 combinations of various percentages of the four primary DISC profiles, far more than any other DISC profile. Extended DISC does not put your employees into a box and provides you with far more accurate insight into who your people really are.

Let our certified Extended DISC Consultants help you understand your employees better. Join the ranks of employers who have benefitted from a better understanding of their employees’ natural behavioural styles.

Contact us to arrange for a free discussion as to how the Extended DISC system can benefit you.

Enhance Performance

Whether you’re looking to improving your recruitment processes, sales performance, team management, or overall business output Extended DISC is an effective and practical solution. 

Extended DISC assessments are highly flexible in their application to a multitude of business applications making them a one stop shop for enhancing performance.

Benefits of Extended DISC


Enhanced Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness is essential personally, socially and professionally. Self-Awareness will draw out your natural preferences and how they affect your communication, decision making and overall behaviour. Even though most of us believe we are self-aware, only 10-15% of people truly fit the criteria. Take a DISC test now to develop your self-Awareness.

Build Motivation

DISC Assessments can help you identify what you need to motivate yourself and your team. Whether you are in a job with no boundaries and need more direction or need room to make decisions, a DISC will tell you precisely what you need to know to get you back on the right track. Profile your team to get them motivated, increase your productivity and support your bottom line.

Improved Communication

Do you find it hard to get the message across to your friends, family or teammates? Communication and listening can be challenging for some. We need to draw on all the tools that can help us communicate and influence others more effectively. Please enquire about our communication coaching now.

Enhanced Team Effectiveness

Teams who have a mix of diverse behavioural styles, such as introverts and extroverts, thinkers and feelers, will be more effective than teams whose members lack such diversity. Profile your team to gain an understanding and respect of others work styles and cultivate team cohesion and higher morale.

Extended DISC Training

BizBriefcase are accredited Master Trainers of Extended DISC. We are fully certified to conduct the Level One and Level Two Extended DISC training to accredit you in the use of Extended DISC. We also run several DISC masterclasses. Contact us to discuss our Extended DISC Training options.

Extended DISC Workshops

Extended DISC is an integral part of our workshops. We believe in the power of Extended DISC and the transformative effect it has on individuals, teams and entire organisations. We host several Extended DISC workshops that help you get the most from your workforce in areas such as a leadership and sales. We travel throughout New Zealand to deliver our Extended DISC Workshops.

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