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What is Leadership Development?

Leadership development consists of activities that boost the abilities and confidence of leaders. Leadership is the process through which an individual influences, motivates and directs a person or group of people toward a specific goal.

Leadership development typically involves activities that help equip leaders to lead individuals and teams better. Leadership development varies massively in complexity, time and style. Coaching and consulting are two forms of development often used to improve the performance of leaders.

Why Leadership Development is Important

Leadership development is one of the most pressing issues in business today. Leaders need to effectively motivate and guide various employees with differing personality types and backgrounds. Without influential leaders to oversee projects, companies are less likely to observe a productive workforce and increase the bottom line.

Leadership development is important as it drives new revenue, improves employee satisfaction and retention, and helps set the company vision. Effective leaders are the driving force of your organisation. 

Making an Impact on New Zealand Leaders

Whether you’re looking to enhance your leadership capability or developing future company leaders, having a coach lead you and your team in the right direction can be invaluable.

What Are Leadership Development Programs?

Leadership Development programs (LDPs) develop vital skills that leaders use to direct the company and engage their employees effectively. Leadership Development programs enhance the leadership capabilities of current leaders and also develop future leaders. You need to carefully select, recruit and grow future leaders to progress through your organisation. Leadership development programs equip upcoming leaders with skills to effectively manage different personality types and provide them with guidance to lead others to success. 

How to Create Leadership Development Plan

There are plenty of Leadership Developments Plans available that it is challenging to distinguish good from the bad. Leadership Development Plans include various steps. However, there are three essential steps every leadership development plan should incorporate. These are:

  1. Assess Your Current Capability

We always start our leadership development programs with an understanding of where our leaders are currently at professionally. This gives us an idea of your strengths, development areas and any hidden gaps in performance. We typically use a 360 feedback assessment to gather feedback from yourself and multiple stakeholders to quickly highly areas for improvement and anticipate pitfalls that could arise on your journey to becoming a more capable leader. 

2. Set an Attainable Goal

Goal setting is an essential component of our leadership development plans as this lets us know what outcomes our leaders are expecting from the development plan. Setting goals also helps us define specific focus areas for the program. Finally, setting a goal will help define success.

3. Engage in Leadership Training or Coaching

Leadership coaching and training can benefit you no matter your career stage. Leadership training provides you with the opportunity to gain and practice the skills you need to lead others. Beyond leadership skills, leadership coaching also boosts your confidence to take responsibility for empowering and influencing a group of people.

How to Measure Leadership Development

Before you can assess if a leadership development program worked, you need to define success. Whether this is a simple goal such as improved communication skills or increasing team cohesion, ensure you have at least one goal to reach as a result of leadership training and coaching. 

We build in the intelligence of 360 feedback assessments to help measure leadership development success across our leadership programs. A 360 feedback assessment is a state-of-the-art technology to attain a starting point and measure the positive or negative change in leadership ability. We assess managers and their teams using 360 feedback to understand the top three focus areas and administer the 360 questionnaires again after the leadership program to measure success.

Using these assessments gives us insights into the unique needs of each leader. As such, we never do the same program twice. As we obtain feedback, we adjust to suit the needs and goals of each client.

Leadership Development NZ

We conduct leadership development across New Zealand. We travel to all major cities and can provide leadership development online where travel is not possible. 

Our transformative leadership programs are tailored to your unique needs, offering one-on-one leadership development coaching as an immersive year-long experience or short but hard-hitting leadership team programs

We use a host of assessment tools to evaluate and inform our leadership development programs. This way, we ensure they are tailored to your exact needs. 

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