Open 360 Feedback

Open 360 Feedback

High-quality 360 feedback assessments measure key behaviours and competencies.

Open 360 tools combine an individual’s assessment of themselves against a range of competencies. A number of managers, colleagues and direct reports are also invited to provide feedback using an online survey.  Results are usually presented anonymously and provide insight into how the individual’s competency level is perceived. In-depth reporting allows you to analyse results to identify key themes and emerging issues that may require additional coaching and development.

Our 360 Degree tools, powered by the FinxS® online system, make it easy to create custom questionnaires, send out automated invitation, reminder and thank you emails, and build a variety of reports all from one online platform. 

These tools are ideal to use in performance appraisals, and employee and leadership team evaluations. 


Create Customised Questionnaires

Encourage Personal Development


Improve Working Relationships

Automated and Personalised Notifications

 Analyse patterns, Achieve actionable results,

enhance personal and organisational development

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360 Feedback

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