Confidently Develop Sales People and Teams

Sales Competency Assessments

The new standard of Sales Development Assessments, is the FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment. This in-depth and comprehensive report provides explicit and tangible information to create a step by step path to sales success.

Sales Competency Development Assessment

The assessment is designed to analyse and develop sales success, by identifying strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales competencies and includes suggested tips and questions for coaching. 

The FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment brings an exciting new feature to Sales Development, the Excuse Index®. The report calculates an Excuse Index® score to identify how likely (or unlikely) a sales person is to focus on tasks that produce sales results.

Sales Competence Hiring Assessment

Looking for a sales professional can refer to a number of different types of sales roles. Sales Competence Hiring Assessment reports on eight different Sales Roles. The assessment calculates a percentage match for each of the roles. Confidently hire the candidate most suited to your role to maximise their strengths and improve efficacy. 

Finxs SALES 18 assessment

The FinxS® Sales 18 is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with your FinxS® Sales Assessment to help you better understand and further develop your natural sales capabilities. Connect your sales results to DISC methodology to understand which behaviours are easy to develop and those that will require more energy to modify. 

Assess Sales 18 Competencies

Evaluate Sales Mindsets


Identify Ideal Sales Roles

Calculate Sales Excuse Index®

Develop a sales team that CONSISTENTLY meets targets and achieves goals

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