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Our innovative sales coaching and training is built on the basis that each customer or potential customer needs to be approached in a different way. Develop the skills you need to enhance sales performance.



We analyse your sales team far more profoundly than other sales training organisations in NZ using a holistic approach to sales training and coaching. We go beyond skills and look at positively changing the behaviours of your salespeople. Our sales assessment tools provide insights into a salesperson’s natural way of selling. We then look further into a wide range of sales competencies to identify unique sales training needs. Further analysis provides us with mindsets that could be holding your salespeople back from sales success. This unique approach to sales coaching and training allows us to get to the issues immediately and create hard-hitting sales development programmes that transform the way your people sell. Our methods make a real impact on salespeople and teams, supporting them to keep up with the sales landscape.

As fully qualified master trainers in a range of workplaces assessments, we incorporate game-changing assessment technologies to gain insights into real behaviours and mindsets that hinder or push salespeople. Stop spending money on generic sales training that teaches dated sales techniques and strategies. They may have all the knowledge they need and still not perform!


What is Sales Training?

Sales training is the process and method of improving the skills of salespeople and teams. This includes knowledge, strategies and attributes to drive seller behavioural change and maximise sales success. 

We built our innovative sales coaching and training programs on the fundamental idea that we need to approach each customer or potential customer differently. No two customers are the same, so why should we approach them in the same way? We incorporate several sales training tools into our Sales Training Programmes, such as Extended DISC methodology and sales competence assessment tools, to help salespeople better understand themselves and their customers. These sales tools help you and your sales teams gain a deeper understanding of your customers and how they behave. Our sales curriculums enable your sales teams to learn, master and apply behavioural modification. This allows sales professionals to adjust their approach to best suit each customer.

It’s our job to help your sales team effectively and efficiently move prospects through the sales process, foster long-term relationships and gain results.

Why is Sales Training Important

The sales landscape is constantly shifting and changing with the introduction of technologies, strategies, and the ever-evolving way consumers purchase. Businesses and sales team must keep up with the changing sales industry. Sales training is essential to maintain the effectiveness of sales teams. Sales training ensures that salespeople keep up with competition and utilise modern sales methods and tactics to maintain the overall competitiveness of the entire company. If a company is not adequately skilled and competitive from a sales perspective, then the likelihood of business success is far lower.

Transforming Sales Teams Across NZ

Whether you’re growing a new sales team or developing an established group of sales reps, our unique approach to sales training and coaching will support your team to achieve results and smash business goals.

Sales Training Benefits

Success in sales is reliant on sales training and coaching to develop growth mindsets, skills and qualities that are integral to sales success. There are many sales training benefits. Such as building better rapport with clients, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, boost productivity and revenue, reducing counter-mindsets, closing more deals, and increasing the bottom line. These benefits positively contribute to the broader success of your business.

Sales Training Auckland

We provide sales training to businesses throughout Auckland and wider New Zealand. Our sales training courses are built on the foundation of DISC theory. Our clients use this program with their employees to cultivate effective sales interactions and boost their sales skills. 

The BizBriefcase Sales Training course provides salespeople and teams with the skills to increase sales through teaching techniques and presenting on the DISC personality types. These methods help sales teams understand body language and communication styles, adapt sales presentations to the audience, address common objections, and gain loyal repeat customers. Your sales team is the frontline for revenue and business growth, so it’s crucial that your sales team is effective and has the right skills to qualify and close sales opportunities. 


Develop a sales team that CONSISTENTLY meets targets and achieves goals

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